NHS 10% Discount On All DB Vehicle Electrics Services

With the current Covid 19 issues everyone is facing, and the NHS providing an excellent service and them doing their best to keep the country in good health. we have decided to reward all NHS staff a 10% discount on any of our services such as diagnostics, auto electrical work or even vehicle security such as alarms and trackers!

Simply provide proof that your are a current NHS worker with a valid ID and we will take 10% of the invoice total.

We would like to […]

NHS 10% Discount On All DB Vehicle Electrics Services2020-03-31T13:46:37+00:00

Honda Accord Cobra Front Parking Sensors

Honda Accord fitted with 21mm Cobra Front Parking Sensors

The Honda Accord normally has rear sensors fitted as standard however the front of the car is normally left without. As such this customer decided to go for the Cobra front mounted parking sensors. This kit offers excellent protection while parking. The kit will wake up for 45 seconds when the P switch on the vehicles dash is pushed for 1 second. If the sensors detect any objects within this time they will remain on. The sensors automatically turn on when the vehicles ignition is […]

Honda Accord Cobra Front Parking Sensors2020-03-27T16:23:05+00:00

Cadillac CTS Engine Diagnostics

2 faults found within the Engine ECU needed further diagnostics

This Cadillac CTS was in excellent condition but it did have an intermitent engine light which keeps on appearing when the vehicle is driven. With our scanner we can also find previous history saved codes within the verhicles ECU.

We found 2 fault codes. 1 would have caused the engine light and the other was a simple oil pressure sensor which was at fault, giving an intermitant voltage to the engine ecu when the engine was running. We used […]

Cadillac CTS Engine Diagnostics2020-03-24T15:09:23+00:00

Range Rover Sport Meta S5 VTS Fitted Mablethorpe

A Range Rover Sport 2006 had a car tracker / Metatrak S5 installed due to it being requested by insurance. These vehicles are still stolen by thieves due to the parts being so expensive on the 2nd hand market. Meaning there is a massive market for thieves to steal the vehicle and simply break it for parts. Most Range Rovers are stolen and never returned to the original owner due to this insurance companies are requesting extra security to be installed.

The Metatrak S5 VTS is by […]

Range Rover Sport Meta S5 VTS Fitted Mablethorpe2020-03-18T19:33:11+00:00

Mitsubishi L200 Fog Light Repair Mablethorpe

Once again another poor repair carried out by an unknown auto electrician. On this vehicle it failed MOT due to no fog light. We looked under the vehicle and straight away found the poor repair made by scotch locks ( Blue wire clamps ). The issue with these connectors is they are designed for the interior and they are only to be used as a DIY item. These do NOT make a professional repair ever.

We stripped the wiring down and found all the wire got damaged where these scotch locks were […]

Mitsubishi L200 Fog Light Repair Mablethorpe2020-03-18T18:34:21+00:00

Ford Fusion Speedo Can-Bus Fault Diagnostic Mablethorpe

LCD display completely blank within the speedo. no coms from ABS or Engine ECU on Can-Bus Low wire.

We diagnosed a Ford Fusion 2008 which was previously diagnosed by a Ford main dealer and the customer wanted a specialist to give there view on this vehicle. The Fusion was in excellent condition for the year, but the LCD display within the speedo was completely blank. This didn’t effect the running or driving of the vehicle but no milage or fuel consumption is displayed.

We checked the usual power and grounds then the […]

Ford Fusion Speedo Can-Bus Fault Diagnostic Mablethorpe2020-03-18T18:05:34+00:00

Fiat Ducato Motorhome Lighting Repair Mablethorpe

Rear light was originally repaired locally by a recovery company. And as you can guess the repair they done didn’t last long! They also managed to damage the bumper in the process. we fully stripped the loom down and soldered all the connections & re-loomed the harness.

We come across these bodge job repairs far to often in the local area. This Fiat Ducato motorhome had a lighting issue where only 1 side light bulb was lighting up and the bulb warning fail symbol was lit on the dash. The rear LH side tail light had a […]

Fiat Ducato Motorhome Lighting Repair Mablethorpe2020-03-27T15:52:20+00:00

The top ten most-stolen cars taken with keyless theft

Keyless car theft is up 88% since 2018. Get your vehicle secured by DB Vehicle Electrics.

With Keyless cars becoming more popular than ever car theft has also increased. Since 2018 keyless car theft has increased 88% which is very worrying. Many owners believe if the keyless key is stored within a keyless blocking pouch the vehicle can’t be stolen. This is incorrect for 2 main reasons… 1st being these metal key holders also known as a Faraday bag break up inside and allow the key to work in a keyless state as normal […]

The top ten most-stolen cars taken with keyless theft2020-03-05T17:56:44+00:00

Thinkware Front Facing Dash Cam SALE


This month ( March 2020 ) we have the fantastic Thinkware front facing dash cam on offer for only £250 fitted. We fully hardwire this dash cam into your vehicles wiring harness. This means you will only see a small amount of wire exiting the dash cam and disappearing at the vehicles headlining. This dash cam will record on motion detection when the vehicle is parked for up to 48 hours. And record while […]

Thinkware Front Facing Dash Cam SALE2020-03-05T17:30:23+00:00

Peugeot Expert Tow Bar Wiring Removal


Peugeot Expert tow bar wiring removal due to a towbar fitter incorrectly fitting a towbar loom, they wired directly into very low current Peugeot / Citroen PSA wiring loom. Many customers don’t realise when phoning round for the cheapest quote fitters cut corners in order to give a customer the cheapest quote. As such this customer got a repair bill he wasn’t expecting and NOW has to pay for it to be put right with the correct bypass relay designed for […]

Peugeot Expert Tow Bar Wiring Removal2020-02-28T16:04:06+00:00
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