VW T6 Now Secured With Metatrak

This VW T6 is now secured by the Metatrak Thatcham approved S7 tracker, Meta are the largest tracking provider in the world and as such there systems are known as the best avaliable on the market. We are the biggest Metatrak dealer in the whole of Lincolnshire and as such we provide a very sleek and professional tracker installation service. We offer a fully mobile service meaning we come to you at your home or workplace.

This Metatrak S7 gives you complete piece of mind such as the stolen vehicle recovery alerts if the vehicle is towed away or the battery is disconnected. It also offers a mobile smartphone app meaning you can login via your Apple or Android smartphone in order to view the vehicles location or view previous routes the vehicle has taken. Having the ability to check your vehicles battery voltage is also a nice feature if you park your vehicle for long periods of time you can simply login and view the live battery voltage.

The Metatrak systems come with the first year subscription free of charge meaning you don’t have to worry about subscription costs until the 2nd year, however this is still affordable at £100 per year making a tracker very cheap over all. Remeber we are fully approved Meta dealers and come to you, the average tracker installation is around 1 hour. Call 07340 341790 to book your vehicle in.