VW T5 ABS Fault Alford

We was asked to look at why the ABS light was on a T5. We scanned the vehicle for codes and found a Fault code 00290 was stored in the system the ABS module was inspected first of all and we found the ABS module had previously been sent for repair. We then proceeded with caution, the rear left plug for the ABS were checked and we found the release clip for the plug was broken. As such we know someone else has been in here before us testing / checking the system.

We followed the wiring diagram from Autodata and found the colours of the wiring we were looking for, a simple resistance check from the ABS module showed us there was an open wire. We found a break in the vehicles harness and as such run a new wire. Once complete the ABS fault cleared instantly.

We advised the left ABS rear plug needed replacing to make sure there would be no issues in the future. If you need an ABS issue looked at why not call us on 07340 341790 to get your vehicle booked in.