The VW Scirocco we looked at was suffering some lighting issues. Main issue being the main driving bulb on the drivers side was dead. Customer changed the bulb and got a garage to also change it but sadly still no light. Apon arriving we tested the bulb and this was confirmed fully working. We also tested all the wiring going to the light unit, this was all ok and comfirmed good.

Once we removed the headlight which isn’t the easiest of jobs to do, we found the bulb holder inside was making poor contact to the bulb / hence the dead bulb. We fully cleaned all the contacts within the light unit and the bulb holder and the repair works well.

Once finished we cleared the bulb fault lights and done a full Vag com scan which we carry out on every VW, Audi vehicle. This gives the owner the full code list of which faults was / still are present in some cases. If you require a lighting repair in the local area give us a call on 07340341790.