VW Amarok 2020 getting constant DPF issues and requiring forced regens as such the customer wanted the DPF and Adblue removed from the vehicle. Once the DPF is physically removed from the vehicle the ECU was calibrated to remove the DPF and Adblue sectors within the engine control units software. This means you won’t get any warning lights or issues with the DPF again. The vehicle will run alot better without the DPF being present due to less restriction within the exhaust system.

DPF filters can cause nothing but issues on new or old vehicles as such many owners want to remove this filter, please be aware our DPF and Adblue solutions are designed for off road use. We carry out our modification in a way the vehicle will still pass MOT providing the engine is kept within good health.

Adblue removal means the vehicle will not need any Adblue moving forward and you won’t have to worry about the Adblue counter causing a non start condition. Adblue systems are a common part to go faulty on any newer vehicle costing owners £1000’s to put right.

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