Vodafone Cobratrak Plus Review

With vehicle theft being at an all time high in Lincolnshire, it might be wise to invest in a Thatcham approved Cat 6 stolen vehicle recovery system. The Vodafone Cobratrak plus is made by Cobra in Italy and offers superior protection in the event of your vehicle being stolen. With a fast average response of getting a vehicle recovered in 21 minutes or less you simply can’t go wrong with the Cobratrak device. The system exceeds all required features for Thatcham approval and also has anti jamming on board technology to stop car thief’s jamming the device. The Vodafone Cobratrak comes with a very cost effective subscription of £138 per year which means its cheaper than many others on the UK market. Cobra supply many manufactures as standard and you can be assured the unit quality is outstanding and the best made in its class.

The cleaver part of the Cobratrak is the tri roaming sim card inside the unit. Many cheap tracking devices only use one network and if the network goes out of range the tracker won’t give a vehicle location. This is a thing of the past with Cobra due to the tri roaming it will find the best network in the exact area and change to that network. That is first class technology and will make sure your vehicle is recovered in no time at all.

The system has an on board tilt sensor which means if your vehicle is being dragged or towed the unit sends an alert message to the call center and in turn they will contact you to make sure you are aware of the movement and if so track the vehicle to get it recovered. With the unit also having tamper alerts built in any attempt to change or tamper with the power on the vehicle the battery back up unit will kick in instantly.

We supply and fit the Vodafone Cobratrak plus Thatcham Cat 6 in all local Lincolnshire areas by our mobile fitting service.