Cobra / Vodafone Automotive have released there new unit known as the Vodafone Protect and Connect 5. This is a new unit which features a much smaller tracker over many others on the market. As with all Thatcham approved stolen vehicle tracking you can’t beat an ultra small compact unit. Once this has been hidden in the vehicle it is very difficalt for a vehicle thief to attempt finding the device.

The new unit also features a mobile app which is named ” My Connected Car ” This gives real time infomation on vehicle location and many others such as battery voltage, max speed during a drive. The mobile app is very advanced and puts an edge on the new tracking system from Cobra.

The new unit features much better immobilisaton by all black wiring and it is much harder to trace back from the unit. The ADR cards have remained the same and are ultra secure with there advanced rolling code tech. If you require a Thatcham approved Cat 5 or Cat 6 tracker give us a call on 07340 341790.