Vauxhall Vivaro rear parking sensors fitted in Lincolnshire. This consisted of a 4 sensors kit which was fitted in the original parking sensor locations giving the original factory appearance.  The sensors installed are very small at 20mm in size and they are very flat to the vehicles body. These sensors were supplied in black and no professional colour coding was required.

The sensors work by detecting objects up to 1.5 meters away giving you a very good advanced warning you are getting close to solid objects. Inside the vehicles cabin we fitted a small adjustable buzzer which has 2 volume settings. The soft tone is very soft on the ears and is quiet. Or you have the ability to select the louder tone which is alot stronger on the ears.

You can have parking sensors installed to just the rear of your car / van or you can have them fitted front and rear for the complete package. If you would like parking sensors installed in Lincolnshire we can help give us a call on 07340 341790 or visit our Parking Sensor page.