Many companies don’t show their workmanship due to many alarms being installed in a poor manor. W e are proud of being the best security specialist in the Lincolnshire area. We have added a picture above of our Meta Thatcham approved Can-Bus alarm being loomed into the original vehicles BCM. You can’t see any added connections by simply looking at the vehicles loom, this gives total security and complete piece of mind when having a system installed by us.

Our security installations are finished in the original Vauxhall and Renaut cloth tape to look a part of the original vehicle. All our work with Meta systems are guaranteed for 3 years.These systems are also Thatcham approved meaning you may get an insurance discount depending on your vehicle insurer.

The Meta alarm systems offer complete protection for doors, front, side and rear, vehicles interior. The siren is 118db which is the loudest legally allowed in the UK by law. we are the largest Meta alarm and tracking supplier in Lincolnshire.