Vauxhall Insignia Handbrake Not Releasing

The owner of this Vauxhall Insignia had issues since he purchased it with the electric handbrake, he had already replaced the switch but sadly this didn’t fix the fault. The handbrake would engage everytime but not release when pressing the button, as such you would have to drive the vehicle until it would automatically release. By following an official wiring diagram we confirmed the wiring at the swtich inside the interior was working perfectly.

We tried to diagnostic scan the handbrake module and all that was stored was loss of communcation codes. Then we traced the electric handbrake unit over to the passanger side. On this vehicle the rear wheel and rain guard had to be removed in order to get to the module, before we even started testing at the module we noticed wiring damage ( unless you know the exact signs you would more than likely miss it ). We stripped the loom back straight away and found 3 broken wires within the harness. Once these were repaired we had a fully working handbrake with no parts required.

Many garages would have just stuck a handbrake module in this vehicle without knowing how to test or what to test before the part can be confirmed as faulty. We know which wires to test due to our OE wiring diagrams and with our excellent workmanship had this fully repaired within 2 hours. If you need a professional diagnoses call us on 07340 341790.