Vauxhall Combo Indicator Fault Theddlethorpe

Another Auto Electrician said this Vauxhall Combo needed a replacement module @ £700 Fitted. They diagnosed this one very wrong and as such wanted someone else to take a look. The fault was located as a bad contact on the main flasher / indicator relay. We pulled the relay apart and cleaned the internal contacts and the relay is now working perfectly again. As a safety measure we recommended a replacement relay incase it fails again in the future. However the customer was very happy he didn’t have to spend £700 on a brand new module.

The replacement flasher relay worst case would cost around £20-30 new from Vauxhall. We see mis-diagnosed electrical problems far to much in this area and this is due to poor training and not a correct understanding of vehicle electrical systems. We pride ourselves on giving a garanteed diagnostic which allows you to fix the vehicle with no comes backs.

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