Astra K 2017 with a passanger headlamp LED fault.

We was asked to diagnose a Vauxhall Astra K with the additional LED headlights. Meaning these headlights feature a LED side light & LED indicators. The passanger side was involved in a crash and the car was being fixed / re-built. There was an error on the dash saying passanger headlight fault. Due to the damage to this side we checked all wiring connections at the light, we managed to source an offical Vauxhall wiring diagram for this vehicle which aid fast diagnostics.

We tested the following….

12v power, 12v Ignition, 2 x ground, LIN Data and confirmed all was correct and present. Due to all the wiring checking out OK. We then moved onto the headlight, the headlight has a small module with built in LED’s, after removing this module we confirmed the LED module had a small amount of damage to the front of the unit. These small modules will shut down if a short is detected. To 100% confirm this was the fault we removed the working unit from the drivers side and swapped these over. Once swapped all was working again! The good news for the customer is these modules are not coded meaning no further costs for coding are required.

We repaired any wiring damage and taped all the looms back to an original standard. And once the new LED headlight module has been installed the customer will be back on the road. Need an electrical diagnosis? Call 07340 341790