Vans Being Targetted In Grimsby

Vans keep being targeted by theives in the Grimsby area. Most of the time the customer had no idea they gained access to the vehicle in order to steal the tools or steal the vehicle. The times have gone where thieves had to steal the vehicles keys in order to get into your van. Now they use a massive range of professional equipment such as door lock picking tools and key programming devices which are plugged into the OBD diagnostic port behind your vehicles dashboard.

The most common vehicles being targetted…

Ford Transit MK7 , Custom & Connect

These are being opened via a Ford lock picking tool which can be brought online for as little as £14.99 and there is not a great deal of skill required in order to pick the door lock. If your van already has a standard Ford alarm system it’s a waste of time, it can be disarmed once the thief picks the drivers door lock. They will empty the tools in the back of the vehicle or steal the vehicle complete, they do this by programming a standard ford remote into the vehicle. This takes around 40 seconds. The vehicle can be stolen with no noise at all. We would recommend adding our ultra secure Ford alarm package and deadlocks.

Renualt Traffic and Vauxhall Vivaro

Not so common to be stolen, But they can bypass the original alarm and force the rear door handle of in seconds gaining access to all your tools. This also makes a very small amount of noise. We recommend installing deadlocks on the sliding and rear barn doors. Very few of these vehicles come with a factory alarm system so we would recommend checking by opening the drivers door with the blade key, if no alarm sounds get one installed by us.

Mercedes Spinter

These are normally attacked by drilling a small hole near the drivers blade key barrel and hitting the locking motor with a small metal rod to unlock the door, once open they will normally program a new key and drive away. The sliding and rear barn doors should be protected by van locks.  We also offer an approved alarm upgrade for this vehicle.

We are avaliable on 07340 341790 to carry out Van Lock and Alarm installations. We cover Grimsby, Louth, Mablethorpe and Skegness. Also other areas on request.