Van load area protection…. Why is this important?

Many van owners are worried about van security and as such they are looking at adding as many sensors as possible to detect and protect their tools from theft. A common add on for many van owners is the rear mounted microwave sensor. This sensor creates an invisable field when the alarm is armed. when armed if the field detects any movement the alarm will instantly trigger. This is ideal if you are worried about door bending / peeling where a thief will bend the door down to avoid detection of the original or aftermarket alarm not sounding. Any door bending / movment detected in the rear will trigger the alarm siren.

If you want the best protection for your van we would recommend the Meta Super Alarm. Which offers a full alarm upgrade with GPS tracking, and GSM phone notifications alongwith the microwave mounted in the rear giving you an instant alert if the alarm is triggered. The system features a loud 120db siren which has an onboard battery back up siren.

If you want even more protection you can have additional shock sensors mounted by the sliding door and rear barn doors for the quickest detection of a door attack such as drilling or levering. If you would like to discuss your van security requirements call 07340 341790.