We can offer full vag com scans in the Lincolnshire area with our latest Vag Com VCDS tool which supports vehicles up to 2022. The best part about this tool is the ability to get the log files if your vehicle has an unusal fault which could make the vehicle cut out while driving or you might have an engine light only come on underload for example. VCDS also gives us the ability to email you the complete log file from your vehicle which includes each module and its coding ( in case you need to recode a module at a later date you have the coding ).

We are fully mobile in the east lindsey area meaning we come to you on a mobile basis and we can fully scan your complete vehicle. The Vagcom tool lists current codes and pending codes within the vehicles ECU meaning you have the best chance of understanding your vehicle fault or issue. Vag com is only used as a guide but can often lead an automotive specialist in the right area. We love the vag com tool for anything Audi or VW due to the advanced infomation this tool has over any of the mainstream diagnostic tools.

We can also recode certain modules within your vehicle meaning if you have replaced a module we can code this into your vehicle. Meaning if you have replaced a module we can code this into your vehicle. We are fully mobile in the easy lindsey area which is ideal for many customers in Lincolnshire, call us today on 07340 341790.