If your lucky enough to own one of the most awesome hot hatches avaliable the Toyota Yaris GR is a massive target for thieves. Due to it using keyless entry these vehicles can be opened up in seconds and driven away. The Autowatch Ghost 2 makes this a thing of the past by requiring a pin number before the vehicle can be driven, it uses a mixture of immobiliser blocking on this vehicle for the highest level of security possible. Unless you know the secure code sequance the vehicle will remain immobilised.

The great part about the Ghost is no LED’s or any visable items meaning only you would know a Ghost is installed, this means amazing security and zero chance of a thief being able to find it. Due to the Ghost being so small we loom the device into the original wiring harness meaning its like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The Ghost is by far one of the best immobiliser systems for the Toyota Yaris GR.

If your looking for a high quality Autowatch Ghost 2 installation look no further than DB Vehicle Electrics, we offer a fully mobile service in East Lindsey and you can call us on 07340 341790 or email Sales@db-vehicle-electrics.co.uk.