Toyota Cobra Alarm Removal Skegness

This Toyota left the customer with a vehicle not starting at all. With a very old Cobra alarm system which was well over 15 years old and the immobiliser unit simply failed. With Cobra being one of the most reliable alarms on the market you can be assured of many years hassle free service life. When car alarms go past the 10 year period you are simply in the unknown as to when the alarm will give up.

Immobiliser relays which are internal within the alarms ECU have a certain service life due to the high amps that run though them when the vehicle is running. This very old Cobra alarm simply had an immobiliser curcuit go down meaning it would still work as an alarm to lock and unlock the doors. But it simply won’t allow the vehicle to start.

DB Vehicle Electrics carried out a professional removal of the old alarm system. No old wiring or components were left inside the vehicle meaning you wouldn’t know an alarm was fitted in the first place. We carry out alarm removals around the whole of Lincolnshire.