Keyless car theft is up 88% since 2018. Get your vehicle secured by DB Vehicle Electrics.

With Keyless cars becoming more popular than ever car theft has also increased. Since 2018 keyless car theft has increased 88% which is very worrying. Many owners believe if the keyless key is stored within a keyless blocking pouch the vehicle can’t be stolen. This is incorrect for 2 main reasons… 1st being these metal key holders also known as a Faraday bag break up inside and allow the key to work in a keyless state as normal meaning you think your key is secure but it’s not. The 2nd major problem is a theif can clone a new key via the vehicles OBD port or by tapping onto the vehicles can-bus wiring.

For example a Range Rover can be stolen by accessing the wiring loom outside the vehicle and by connecting up a small black box to the can-bus wiring the thieves can clone a new key within 40 seconds. Meaning even if you have a Keyless blocker pouch & OBD protector you car can still be stolen. We offer an excellent immobiliser from Meta which will completely protect your car from keyless & OBD theft, this Meta immobiliser works on the same keyless basis but has sevral improvements over factory designed keyless components, for example the tag works on 868Mhz which is much more secure and the ADR tag goes to sleep meaning the range can’t be extended. This device is also Thatcham approved giving excellent security.

The list of the Top 10 stolen keyless cars

Range Rover Sport
Mercedes-Benz C-Class
Range Rover Vogue
Land Rover Discovery
Range Rover Evoque
BMW 3 Series
Range Rover Autobiography
Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Thatcham approved ADR immobiliser which we fit within the local area such as Mablethorpe, Louth, Alford, Skegness and Grimsby. Call 07340 341790 to get your vehicle secured before it’s to late.