Cobra Installation Certificate

Cobra / Vodafone Automotive have just released there latest style Thatcham certificate. These are issued when DB Vehicle Electrics carrys out a Thatcham car alarm or immobiliser installation in the Lincolnshire area. The certificate is filled out with your vehicles details such as make, model, Regestration and the vehicles vin number. We also include the model number of the alarm or immobiliser system.

We would advise sending it to your insurance company via scanning it over. If you send it to them directly they may loose the certificate. If they do we charge a fee to issue a new one. These ceritifcates are used as proof that you have had a Thatcham approved product installed. We will not issue a certificate for a system thats not been installed by us due to some installations by other engineers not being fitted correctly.

A Thatcham Ceriticate not only means the product meets the strict Thatcham guidelines but it also means the installation meets all the fitting requirements such as the siren and ECU being mounted correctly. It also means all wiring has been routed correctly and in a safe mannor.

** Please note – Don’t request fake / a certifcate if you have no product fitted to your car. This is insurance fraud. **