Target Blu Eye Review

You might want to use this device for road safety or you may wish to use it for speeding. Completely road legal and giving you the edge over many other drivers on the road. People have been getting these fitted with laser diffusers which give you the ultimate protection when driving fast on public roads. We all know speeding is illegal but when the average speed on a UK motorway is between 80-90MPH you can be sure you will get caught at some point. Many drivers still drive above the limit it may be due to being late or having a prestige car. Having this device installed will alert you of any TETRA network which is used by all emergency vehicles.

This device gives you an advanced warning giving you time to pull over into another lane or reduce your speed. If needed the device can be switched off at any time or if the road laws change taking your vehicle out the UK. This device is very sleek once installed into your vehicle.