VW T5 Laserline Rear Sensors Fitted Grimsby

Rear Laserline Parking Sensors Installed

If you drive a VW T5 or T6 you will more that likely struggle to reverse the vehicle without any rear windows or sensors, as such this customer wanted the added piece of mind when reversing. We suggested the excellent Laserline rear parking sensors, these are 4 sensors which are 19mm in size evenly spaced along the rear bumper. These sensors start detecting objects from up to 1.5 meters away meaning they give you more than enough warning of any objects which may be in your reversing path.

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Parking Sensors Fitted Grimsby

Parking Sensors Grimsby

DB Vehicle Electrics provides a mobile parking sensors fitting service no matter where your located in Lincolnshire. This set of rear parking sensors was fitted in Grimsby Lincolnshire. The customer was very happy with the finish and we managed to save the customer over 45% than getting them done at the dealer. We also offer a full 3 year warranty on these sensors meaning we match most car manufatures warranties.

The sensors themselves are very small and can be professionally colour coded to match your vehicles paintwork perfectly. We use a professional spray shop […]

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