Insurance Approved Tracker?


Insurance have asked for a Thatcham approved Tracker? But you are unsure what you require to make your insurance company happy…

The first question you need to ask your vehicle insurer..

  • Does your policy require a Thatcham Cat 5 ?
  • Does your policy require a Thatcham Cat 6?

That is the only question you need to ask, we will talk / guide you through the rest. A Thatcham Cat 6 tracker is the most common and this is designed for vehicles up to the […]

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Metatrak Release Thatcham Approved Trackers

Metatrak car tracker

Largest car tracking provider in the world META, have released a Thatcham Approved cat 6 and Thatcham cat 5 product. This means they have a unit for any requirement, for example if you have a BMW X5 you would install a regular Thatcham Cat 6 ( Vehicles up to the value of £90.000 ) or if you own a Mclaren you would need to have a Thatcham Cat 5 installed ( Vehicles over the value of £90.000). The good part about the Meta trak system is the subscription cost for the first […]

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