Replacement Car Aerial Lincolnshire

Aerial replacementAerial replacement Lincolnshire

No matter what vehicle you have replacing a car aerial can be very expensive. This is due to how new vehicles are built and access to the original vehicles aerial can be very hard to replace and can take a few hours labour. Even newer vehicles such as Audi and BMW were the original aerial fails replacing the aerial can cost well over £300 pounds. We offer a high quality glass mount replacement which is fully amplified and made in Italy to guarantee good quality.

We professionally install this […]

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CD Changer Repair Lincolnshire

CD Changer Repair Lincolnshire

CD changers are very weak in terms of reliablity and the main reason is due to the large amount of moving internal components. The most common issue with CD Changers is a disc getting stuck inside the main unit. This means you won’t be able to eject the cd cartridge. It is very important that you do not try and attempt to use a screw driver to try and slide the cd back. I can tell you it will break an internal part. CD changers can jam from 3 things first being a cd was being selected while […]

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