Poorly Fitted Car Alarm Removal

Poor Car Alarm Removal Lincolnshire

With any trade you see the good and the bad workmanship. Sadly a customer we went out to in Grimsby had a Viper car alarm installed many years ago when the vehicle was new ( Not by us ). She had nothing but problems with the alarm system since it was installed. Which is unusal in this day and age due to alarms like Cobra, Laserline and Clifford that are fitted correctly are rock solid in terms of reliability.

When we started stripping the vehicle down we did have to smile, when this lot was rammed […]

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Car Alarm Removal Lincolnshire

Customers need alarms removed for many different reasons sometimes its due to them false triggering / sounding or in some cases the remote controls have been lost. With most aftermarket alarms having an inbuilt immobiliser this makes you will find your self immobilised with a car that won’t move.

Aftermarket security is simply not a quick and easy job to remove. The problem comes from most of the wiring being black on Thatcham approved car alarms and immobiliser systems. This means the engineers job is instantly difficult, if they wasn’t the original installer they have no idea were the parts are located within the […]

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