Peugeot Boxer Motorhome Cobra Alarm Removal

Peugeot Boxer motor home Cobra alarm removal. This Cobra alarm was well over 15 years old and sadly it finally give up the ghost fully immobilising the vehicle and the customer simply couldn’t start the vehicle any longer. Due to being experts in the vehicle security field, we fully removed the Cobra alarm and immobiliser system and soldered the wiring back to factory spec. Meaning the vehicle can be started and driven as normal once our work is complete.

We can also offer new alarm and immobiliser installations […]

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Poorly Fitted Car Alarm Removal

Poor Car Alarm Removal Lincolnshire

With any trade you see the good and the bad workmanship. Sadly a customer we went out to in Grimsby had a Viper car alarm installed many years ago when the vehicle was new ( Not by us ). She had nothing but problems with the alarm system since it was installed. Which is unusal in this day and age due to alarms like Cobra, Laserline and Clifford that are fitted correctly are rock solid in terms of reliability.

When we started stripping the vehicle down we did have to smile, when this lot was rammed […]

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