Subaru Sigma Alarm Removal and Replacement

Subaru’s can be a complete nightmare for some customers. Many customers just simply want the system removed completely, this can cause major issues with your insurance cover due to it coming with the Sigma from the factory. I would always suggest a removal and replacement. I would suggest repacing the system with a Cobra Cat 1 and my reasons for this are due to the different frequancy the alarm system runs on. It uses ACE rolling code technolgy meaning when parked in areas with a large amount of interferance the alarm will still arm and disarm perfectly.

A common complaint from Subaru owners is due to the vehicle not being able to unlock in certain areas. This can be a nightmare when your trying to enter your vehicle. Is the alarm removal an easy job? Nope! the original alarm is wired into the vehicles harness very well. It takes a very long time to remove and refit a new system correctly and neatly within your vehicles harness.

We have seen a few Subaru owners try and remove the Sigma alarm system there self and fail many times. This makes it more difficalt to remove and increases the labour time. Even car alarm engineers are normally worried about this type of vehicle.

DB Vehicle Electrics offer alarm removal or removal and replacement in the Lincolnshire area. You can contact us or call 07340341790