Smartrack Cat 5

Smartrack have been around since 2006 and they have become one of the main market leaders in Thatcham approved stolen vehicle tracking. There high spec unit known as the Thatcham Cat 5 is designed towards the higher end car market, for vehicles over the value of £90.000 in most cases and many insurance companies won’t insure the vehicle for theft unless a tracker is installed. The Smartrack Cat 5 is special due to the ADR system it uses to disarm the tracker correctly. In the event of a vehicle theft you would be alerted instantly due to the tracker not seeing the ADR card.

The system also has an immobiliser which can be activated by the local police force to stop the vehicle restarting. This is a very smart way to stop the vehicle becoming a part of a high speed get away. The system has an on board battery back up and a tilt and motion sensor, this is used in case the vehicle is towed away or lifted on to a low loader. The Smartrack Thatcham Cat 5 comes with a 3 year warranty as standard for complete piece of mind.

With a very fair subscription cost at only £199 per year its very affordable, the unit is also transferable meaning you can move it from one vehicle to another. we can supply and fit the Smartrack Cat 5 in the Lincolnshire area.