Skoda Fabia Drivers Door Loom

Any vehicle over 10 years old will normally show signs of problems / issues. Sadly this vehicle is no different. This vehicle had been previously repaired on the Blue/ Black wire you can see in the image. The main problem the customer was finding was the doors wouldn’t lock and the warning remained on that the doors were currently open. We pulled the door apart and found out what exactly needed to be fixed on this vehicle. We first repaired the cracks in the harness the main live and ground wires were cracked / almost shorting out. We then moved onto the latch side with had also previously been replaced in an attempt to fix this issue, we confirmed the latch was working / funtioning correcly.

When looking at the OE wiring diagram we found one of the door switch wires are also coming off the electric window motor, we found the electric window motor was in need of replacement due to this giving a constant negative trigger. We advised the electric window motor needed replacement but as a quick bypass method we cut the wire from the window motor to allow the vehicle to lock and to stop the warning appearing on the dash. This however does not fix the issue with the interior light, due to the body computer looking for another signal to shut down the interior light. The customer was happy to move the interior light to the off position until the main fault with this vehicle was fixed by a local garage.

This was a diagnoses was completed in 1 hour but this could have taken a garage many hours of diagnostic work to find, our OE / original wiring diagrams speed up the logical process of finding a fault. The customer was lucky it wasn’t a BCM / module fault because these can be very expensive to repair. If you require a diagnoses call 07340 341790.