Sigma S30 Fitted Lincolnshire

Known as a very reliable Thatcham Cat 1 alarm and immobiliser in the UK. Sigma have been known for producing high quality car alarms that simply last many years. We supply and fit car alarms lincolnshire and we offer a full supply and fitting service for the Sigma S30 Thatcham Cat 1. This system is fully loaded in terms of features and performance it offers an ultra small siren which will fit in the tightest of engine bays with limited room and the other great feature is the small override key pad. The key pad is used to enter the pin override code in the event of loosing a remote control or to program new remote controls into the system. With a small ECU all in one module for the alarm and immobiliser it can be hidden very well behind the vehicles dashboard and give you total security.

The system isn’t designed for new Can – Bus controlled vehicles but it will still offer protection for many cars on the market today. With very sleek one button remote controls the system is easy to use and offers great all round performance. With a data linked battery back up siren the wiring can’t be cut or disconnected without the siren instantly sounding, and with the added advantage of key guard protection. Meaning if your vehicles keys are stolen you can activate key protection were you have to enter a pin number into the Sigma S30 key pad in order for the vehicle to start.

We offer full onsite fitting and fill out a full Thatcham certificate on completion meaning you may even get an insurance discount for having a Thatcham alarm and immobiliser installed. With all our Sigma car alarms fitted in Lincolnshire you get the full 2 year warranty for complete piece of mind.