scorpion-track ST50 Thatcham Cat 6 Approved

The ScorpionTrack system is fully Thatcham approved offering you complete protection and it meets and exceeds all insurance approval requirements. The unit being Thatcham Cat 6 approved is suitable for many vehicle’s up to £90.000 in value. The unit is very small and it can work on 12 and 24volt platforms which means it’s perfect for your car or HGV vehicle. The Subscription costs are very reasonable which make the device affordable and giving you good value for money. The ScorpionTrack has an inbuilt tilt sensor which means if your vehicle is towed or moved without the vehicles ignition being turned on it will automatically send an alert to the 24 hour monitored call center. Once they are alerted they will contact you instantly to ask you why the vehicle is moving.

The ScorpionTrack system is unique due to it having a user dashboard which you log in by your home desktop pc or smartphone giving you access to check the vehicles location. When paying your subscription you can log in instantly and download or print your Thatcham approved certificate. The subscription starts from £130 per year which is the lowest the industry has seen. With the back up and support from Scorpion you can be assured you are buying a good quality product.

We can also provide the Thatcham Cat 5 Approved ScorpionTrack system for high end vehicles.