Renault Kangoo 1.5 DCI was getting issues with the DPF filter becoming blocked, this is normally due to a huge amount of short runs and as such the filter never gets a chance to regen the filter. This owner went for the stage 1 remap with DPF and EGR removal solution. This allows the owner to carry out as many short runs as needed without the fear of the DPF filter blocking up. We recalibrate the ECU’s software which means it won’t even know the vehicle was fitted with an EGR or DPF. As such you won’t experience any dash lights ( a dash light being present would mean your car could fail MOT ).

A stage 1 makes these engines more responsive and brings the engine to life. Many owners remap there vehicles for a fuel saving and this is possible if you use the torque lower down in the rev range and change up gear sooner. The stage 1 gives massive increases on this engine 35 BHP and an additional 65nm of torque, this will be noticed under normal driving and the engine simply wants to pull throughout the rev range.

Remapping a healthy engine causes no reliability issues with a simple stage 1 tune. The engine will run much cleaner with the EGR disabled due to the engine not constantly recycling exhaust gasses. We carry out remapping in the East Lindsey area offering a fully mobile service. Call us on 07340 341790 or view our remapping page to view the gains possible on your vehicle.