Clio MK3 Headlights Remaining on

Renault Clio MK3 customer complaint headlights keep staying on, no matter which position the light switch was in the lights would simply remain on. The only way you could get the lights to turn off was the disconnect the vehicles battery. Everything checked out OK on live data, following the factory wiring diagram we confirm the headlight outputs were from the under bonnet fuse / relay box.We carried out all wiring output checks and these were all OK, when moving the headlight relay it attempt to remove it from the fuse box. We found the headlights would simply turn on / off by themselves. We removed the relay and the rest was obvious from there. The pins had completely melted / possible fire hazard. The only fix for this vehicle was a new fuse box.

We always recommend new parts due to this vehicle being common for water ingress in the engine bay fuse box. They have a very weak seal and over the years the water will start to creep in and cause damage over time. This fuse box was completely dry but the fuse box needed replacement due to the relay making poor contact within the fuse box. In the winter months you use your headlights alot more and the owner said he had been doing very long journeys, this would explain why the relay holder got so hot it started melting.

We diagnosed this issue in under 1 hour, this issue could have taken a workshop many hours of diagnosis without a good / accurate OE wiring diagram. We managed to pin point the fault and show the customer, if you need a accurate diagnoses call 07340 341790.