A question we normally get asked… Do you offer remapping or engine tuning, we have never got involved with remapping due to the problems it can cause with a vehicle with regards to warranties and software update by main dealers causing the remap to get overwriten.

We offer a slightly different product, it still allows your vehicle to be remapped but using a different method. The method we recommend is the petrol and diesel tuning modules by DTE these are made and engineered in Germany. These are not a simple 50p resistor in order to make your car use more fuel. They are a digital module which connects inline with the vehicles sensors such as fuel rail, turbo sensors, and air sensors.

These modules carry a file onboard the module for your exact vehicle. The file has been set up on a dyno to get the best results from your tuning module installation. These modules can also save fuel in some cases when your driving the vehicle in a fuel saving mannor.

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