Servicing your vehicles brakes is no longer straight forward….

For many years DIY’ers have simply replaced their brake pads or discs & pads without issue. However many vehicles require a diagnostic machine to allow this job to be carried out. it is becoming more and more popular with newer vehicles that have an electronic handbrake. Without diagnostics it makes a simple job a complete nightmare.

When you release the handbrake it will allow the caliper to be released from the carrier, however you won’t be able to wind the brake piston in without causing damage. The correct way this job is carried out is by the following method. Plugging in a diagnostic machine, going into the electric parking brake module and selecting brake service mode ( Release ). This will then allow the vehicle to be jacked up and allow you to carry out the brake replacement.

Once the job is complete the diagnostic machine can be plugged in and you can re-engage the rear brakes, this will then allow you to pump the brakes until the pedal is stiff. Some customers will decide to wind the motor in or out without diagnostics however this can go badly wrong and it has to many, hence needing to do the job correctly. This simply isn’t a job you can cut corners on due to the calipers on many newer cars costing a small fortune. With our mobile diagnostic service we can put your car brakes into service mode.