Autowatch Ghost fitted to this brand new Range Rover Velar 2022 set up for engine stall on gear selection. This means the customer can still use the Range Rover online app and remotely start the vehicle to warm or cool the interior. This means if someone enters the vehicle and puts it into gear the engine will instantly cut out and won’t allow a re-start until the ignition is switched on and a secure pin code sequence is entered.

The Autowatch Ghost works very well on these vehicles but there is only a small selection of buttons avaliable for the pin sequence due to many networks on this vehicle running on newer can-bus flex-ray platform. The Ghost is completely hidden out of sight and only the vehicles owner will be aware the system is installed. This system also has a service mode which means the Ghost can be disabled when the vehicle is put into the dealer for software updates or servicing work, this is great for 2 reasons the first being you don’t need to hand over your pin number to the dealer and most importantly you don’t need to tell them anything has been fitted to the vehicle.

All our installations are carried out to a very neat standard and you wouldn’t even know the vehicle has been pulled apart to install the immobiliser onto your vehicle. We fit the Ghost to many Range Rover models in the East Lindsey area, call 07340 341790 to discuss your security requirements.