A Range Rover Sport 2006 had a car tracker / Metatrak S5 installed due to it being requested by insurance. These vehicles are still stolen by thieves due to the parts being so expensive on the 2nd hand market. Meaning there is a massive market for thieves to steal the vehicle and simply break it for parts. Most Range Rovers are stolen and never returned to the original owner due to this insurance companies are requesting extra security to be installed.

The Metatrak S5 VTS is by far the best Thatcham S5 tracker on the market. It features sleek ADR tags which have to be within range when turning on the vehicles ignition. If the vehicles ignition is switched on without a tag in range Metatrak will call you straight away.

This system also features a smartphone app for Apple & Android which allows you to view the vehicles location and previous history reports on where the vehicle has been. we are the largest Metatrak dealer in the whole of Lincolnshire, if you need a tracker for your insurance look no further than DB Vehicle Electrics.