Owning a Range Rover comes with the usual theft risk, due to these cars aways being in the top 10 stolen vehicles each year. We secured this Range Rover Sport with the Autowatch Ghost 2 offering complete protection against theft. Without knowing the unique pin sequence the moment the gear selector is moved the vehicle will become immobilised. You won’t be able to drive the vehicle unless you know the required pim sequence.

The Ghost uses the original vehicles dash cluster to give an indication flash meaning there are no additional LED’S or parts installed like a car security system. The Ghost has been around for many years and it has proven itself time and time again as being one of the most effective immobilisers on the market. The Ghost also features an emergency override code which is used if an original button on the vehicle breaks meaning there is another method to get the vehicle started if needed.

We are fully mobile in East Lindsey offering a mobile installation service at your home or workplace. you can call us on 07340 341790 or drop us an email Sales@db-vehicle-electrics.co.uk. The Autowatch Ghost can fit many vehicles in the UK offering owners piece of mind.