Range Rover Laserline Removal Horncastle…

We visited a Range Rover which had a very old Laserline installed. It done very well being over 20 years old at least. Sadly the system started false alarming and the owner had to remove the siren, once he done this the vehicle stopped starting and as such attempted to start removing the system himself. But decided it was far to involved, as such we fully removed all the connections made and re soldered the original loom back together meaning the alarm and immobiliser was completely removed and as such this won’t give the customer any further hassle in the future.

Car alarm and immobilisers work fantastic for many years and they save many vehicles from being stolen however if they are not updated / repaired after 10 years they can become unreliable, as such we always recommend a high quality installation and the alarm to be checked / tested every 3 years for the best reliability.

If you require a professional alarm removal in the local Lincolnshire area why not give us a call on 07340 341790 to get your old system removed. We also offer new / fresh installations if you wish to get your vehicle secured once again. We are fully mobile / come to you so it’s no matter if your system has become immobilised and won’t allow you to drive the vehicle.