Front Washer Intermitant Fault

This early Range Rover uses a very advanced module carrying out many electrical tasks within the vehicle such as door locking, electric windows, Lighting, wipers, washers and much more. This vehicle had 1 original issue but the garage who originally diagnosed this vehicle said it needed a new washer pump, when they replaced the washer pump the washers still didn’t funtion correctly, we first checked the connection at the washer pump and this was full of corrosion as such this wouldn’t make a good connection, once this was replaced we then moved onto the wiring side of things.

Every now and then the output would work which we confirmed via a test light then it would stop working completely until the ignition was switched off then back on again. This was traced back to the pin on the BCM not giving the correct output ( internal part failed within the BCM ) as such we recommended a cheap fix rather than the customer spending £100’s on a new BCM.

We linked the front washer to the rear washer system with an additional relay. This means the customer can press the rear washer button and it will trigger both front & back washers. This is completely road legal for the MOT which was due shortly after the repair. This is just one way we can save the customer mega amounts of money on a classic vehicle. Call 07340 341790 for an expert diagnosis.