Key Cloning

With vehicles being cloned and stolen quickly across the UK by simple ECU programming modules it has never been quicker or easier for a thief to program a new key and drive the vehicle away. Many customers think it’s only the vehicles with a PTS button commonly known as push to start. But this is simply not the case if your vehicle features a standard blade key ignition or PTS your vehicle is a target to thieves. Some people on the internet has decided to move the vehicles OBD port in hope this will stop the new key being cloned into the vehicle.

Sadly this is not the case to steal a Land Rover or BMW you can program a new key without even entering the vehicle making these simple metal secure OBD plates pointless. We would recommend a couple of devices which we can professionally install at your home or workplace in Lincolnshire, the first product we would recommend would be the Cobra ADR system which alarms and immobilises your vehicle unless a secure tag is detected from your vehicles keys. The Cobra ADR signal can’t be cloned due to it running on a hyper encrypted network unlike the unsecured 433 mhz network like many vehicle remotes.

The other option is to add a stolen vehicle Trackers which will help recover the vehicle if it’s stolen. The only downside to any tracker is the subscription charge which is better the cost of £130 – £199 per year, so it can become a little expensive to have a tracker installed.

We supply and fit a wide range of tracking devices in Lincolnshire via our mobile installation service.