This garage was doing the right thing by removing the DPF and having it professionally cleaned. Well so they thought! They had it sent away for a couple of days and it returned with a flow print out stating the clean was sucessful. They refitted it, re-started the vehicle and the DPF pressures wouldn’t reset.  As such they called us unsure as to why there is still an issue.

We carried out a diagnosis and found there was an original ECU updated file avaliable for this exact issue, we recalibrated the ECU with an original file running the latest software and we reset all DPF pressures and the soot mass sucessfully. However the vehicle went into limp mode on a test drive ( exactly why we test vehicles before leaving site ), and we had a fault code for the DPF being blocked again.

Checking the pressures on diagnostic live data can sometimes be incorrect so we re-booked for a further diagnosis with a 100% accurate testing method. By using a Manometer we can confirm the exact differential pressure before and after the DPF. We confirmed the DPF was VERY blocked even at idle the readings were far to high. The professional cleaning company said this is incorrect due to the pressures being much lower on the testing sheet. so we removed the 02 sensor before the DPF and confirmed the readings were exactly the same as there bench testing.

However the floor in there testing method is there was no back pressure applied to the dpf when testing. As such this vehicle needs a replacement DPF or a DPF delete.

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