Poor Car Alarm Removal Lincolnshire

With any trade you see the good and the bad workmanship. Sadly a customer we went out to in Grimsby had a Viper car alarm installed many years ago when the vehicle was new ( Not by us ). She had nothing but problems with the alarm system since it was installed. Which is unusal in this day and age due to alarms like Cobra, Laserline and Clifford that are fitted correctly are rock solid in terms of reliability.

When we started stripping the vehicle down we did have to smile, when this lot was rammed up the back of the dashboard. The module wasn’t secured in any way and there was not a sight of tape on any of the wiring other than the solder joints. This was fitted by a so called professional audio shop in the local area. The workmanship on this installation was shocking.

This backs up the saying you get what you pay for and sadly car secuirty is a item which you need installed correctly by an accredited engineer which takes pride in there workmanship. DB Vehicle Electrics prides the whole company on quality installations, which are fitted to last. If you would like to book us in for a high quality Car Security installation get in touch 07340 341790.