Peugeot ECU Wiring Repair Skegness

We was tasked with repairing a ECU wiring harness on this Peugeot in Skegness. The ECU harness had been previously tampered and cut by the previous owner. This vehicle had an unusal variable valve position fault, and as such from the look of the attempted repair the engine harness looks like it has been swapped and as such it wasn’t secured and wires were running off everywhere. 1 of the exhaust sensor wires was even touching the exhaust. There was clips broken on the wiring plugs which is an instant sign someone has been playing / swapping trying to fix a fault.

We cut the wiring harness back and soldered new connections in and finished the loom off with Tessa cloth tape for an excellent finish. We went through the rest of the wiring harness routed up to the cam cover and re-taped / re-secured any loose wiring cables. However due to the fault still exisiting and all wiring checking out OK we advised a further strip down of the cam cover via a mechanic to find out what is happening with the VVT motor and refrence position sensor inside the engine. The internal sprockets can wear down and Peugeot have released a TSB for this fault.

When we reached this stage it was worth letting the customer know he is best taking it to a Peugeot specialist to correctly check the VVT system internally. This not only saves the customer money in the long run, but it was also leaking alot of oil from the valve cover area and as such we wasn’t keen to move forward with this task ourselves. If your looking for wiring repairs call 07340 341790.