This Peugeot Bipper had a strange fault which would happen when the throttle pedal was pressed around 60%, it would flag a fault code for the engine ECU. Due to the location and how hard this part is to access we needed to make a custom loom to fully test and confirm the customers complaint. Once we made this custom test loom the vehicle needs to be rebuilt so it can be driven, when testing we found throttle pedal 2 circuit was dropping out and going open circuit on hard acceleration. Once we confirmed this issue we confirmed the powers and grounds was remaining present when this fault was present.

Once confirmed the throttle pedal was faulty we had the garage order a replacement, Due to how involved this job is the garage called us back when the replacement arrived and we fitted the replacement and fully tested the vehicle to make sure it was 100% fixed. Issues like this can end up costing the customer large amounts of money in wasted parts if they are not diagnosed correctly, we pride ourselves on diagnosing and testing parts correctly before advising on a replacement.

You can call us on 07340 341790 for a professional diagnosis in the east lindsey area.