This Peugeot 107 had a very unusal fault which had many faults all caused from the same component. The Radio, ABS and powered steering would all fail causing the ABS and EPS light to appear within the dash cluster. We stripped the vehicle down and this vehicle has the main interior fuse box built into the speedo cluster ( stupid design ).

When moving the cluster you would find the electrical components would turn off & on such the the ABS light, for example applying slight pressure to the top wiring plugs would cause the ABS light to turn on and off like you was pressing a switch. We still checked the powers and grounds at all the connectors and confirmed they was all ok. The only possible item needing to be replaced is the speedo cluster.

Luckly this cluster doesn’t require any form of programming when replacing it. Due to the immobiliser only going through the vehicles ECU. If it’s a major issue milage correction will be required to make the original vehicle milage appear in the dash cluster.