Peugeot 107 Meta Alarm with ultrasonic upgrade fitted Louth

Peugeot 107 fitted with the Factory approved Meta alarm system. Offers full protection for doors, boot and the vehicles interior. This customer went for the ultrasonic upgrade which means they have the factory apperance sensors which are mounted on the drivers B Pillar post. These are by far the sleekest sensor you can possibly have fitted within the vehicles interior.

Sadly the original vehicle remote was not working on this vehicle and as such the customer wanted seperate remote controls which will arm and disarm the alarm system. Due to this vehicle having the factory central door locking we linked in the alarm system to control this meaning when the customer arms the alarm the doors will lock and disarming will allow the doors to unlock. If your 107 or Toyota Aygo has a remote control key that is fully working we can link the alarm into this.

This system also comes with an emergancy override tag and this means if the battery was to go flat within the remote you can turn the alarm off via the touch key. Meaning you never have to worry if your remote goes flat while your on the road. If you would like an alarm system installed by the NO1 alarm specialist in Lincolnshire give us a call on 07340 341790.