Parrot CK3100 Review

The Parrot CK3100 is the most simple and easy to use hands free Bluetooth kit ever made. Been used for many years giving a reliable service life. The screen is nice and tidy almost the size of a small match box meaning it will sit well on most dashboards. The Screen is easy to read while driving with a nice white back light meaning you can use the kit even in the dark. The kit has the ability to pair up to 7 phones in total, but only one phone can be used at any time. This kit doesn’t feature music or Bluetooth music streaming, only hands free calling.

The kit is universal and we can adapt it to fit any vehicle. We do this by using specialist leads which make the Parrot CK3100 integrate with the audio system within your vehicle. Your radio will work as per normal and when a phone call comes in the radio will mute and the callers voice will be directed through the vehicles speakers. The Parrot offers superior anti echo and noise cancellation while driving meaning if your in a van the microphone will still pick up your voice perfectly.

We supply and fit the Parrot CK3100 in all local Lincolnshire area’s and towns. We are fully Parrot certified meaning you get a 2 year warranty on the kit.