Parking Sensors Fitted Mablethorpe

DB Vehicle Electrics fitted a set of standard Gloss Black Rear Parking Sensors to a very good condition Ford Focus in the Mablethorpe area. This was due to the owner having parking sensors on there previous vehicle and them being lost without them. Once we fitted the sensors the customer had there faith in reversing the vehicle safety without fear of damaging there car or any objects around it.

The sensors are evenly spaced apart on the rear bumper to detect a wide range of objects which you may incounter while reversing. There was no need for colour coding the parking sensors on this vehicle due to the vehicle being a gloss black as standard, as such the standard gloss black finish on our entry level sensors looks fantastic.

We installed only the rear parking sensor system on this vehicle, but if needed we can install front and rear if required for the very best protection. The kit works via a buzzer tone when alerts the driver by beeping faster and faster the closer you get to an object.

We installed these parking sensors in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire but can offer installation in many other local areas. Give us a call today to book your vehicle in on 07340 341790.