Parking Sensors Fitted Louth

Looking for Parking Sensors supplied and fitted in Louth, Lincolnshire? Look no further DB Vehicle Electrics offers a fully mobile parking sensor installation service with a 3 year warranty. As you can see from the image above on this C-Max we fitted the matt black sensors along the black strip at the bottom of the bumper and they look nice and neat in this location.

We install 4 sensors in total along the black trim and these detect objects when your reversing. The detection range starts from 1.5 meters away meaning you have plenty of warning before even getting near an object. The sensors ”bleep” faster and faster the closer you get towards an object and go to a constant tone when your 30 cm away from a solid object. The ”bleep” is heard via a small buzzer which is mounted within the vehicles interior or if your looking fo a very sleek installation the buzzer can be hidden behind the trims inside the vehicle.

We offer a mobile service carrying out parking sensor fitting in Louth, fully insured and sensors can be professionally colour coded to match your vehicles paintwork. Call us to book an installation 07340 341790.