Nissan NV200 now protected by the Thatcham Approved Meta Can-Bus alarm.

The Nissan NV200 is used by many tradesman however they lack any form of security other than an immobiliser as standard. Some of these vehicles were fitted with a Cobra alarm at the dealership however many disarmed when you put a key in the drivers door and turn it to the unlock postion. This is a major problem because thieves will target the drivers door cylinder if any alarm is fitted. However Meta alarm systems are ahead of the game, the Meta can-bus alarm will ONLY disarm via the original vehicles remote key or the emergency override code which is 5 digits long.

The system features a very loud 118db siren which will trigger in the event of a door being opened or a window being smashed. The siren has a built in battery due to it being Thatcham approved meaning if any wires are cut the siren will keep sounding giving a very high level of security. This system is made in Italy giving excellent performance and reliabilty, being backed with a 3 year warranty you have complete piece of mind when having a Meta alarm installed.

This alarm system flawlessly works alongside the factory can-bus system on the vehicle meaning we don’t have to add any additional switches or pull apart the rear of the vehicle due to allow the door zones being detected on the can-bus data line. We are fully mobile in the local Lincolnshire area offering high quality car and van alarm installations. Call us today on 07340 341790 to book your vehicle in!